Blue Loves Green Nursery


If you have been following along since I first started my business four years ago, you know that I get a lot of nursery inquiries. One of my very first projects in Dallas was a nursery! Over the years I have noticed a common request amongst most of my clients, especially first time moms, and that is to keep the design “gender neutral.” If you’re like me, the word “neutral” when referring to design is a total buzz kill. I immediately think beige everything. I don’t mean to offend you if you happen to love beige because I love an awesome monochromatic room, but it can be a bit pricier because texture becomes everything in that case. All that to say though, a "gender neutral” nursery doesn’t mean zero personality, it just means that you don’t want to force a specific personality on the space. I have found that we can still be bold in our color choices and each piece can go in a million different directions depending on the smaller accessories you pair with it. In the nursery that we are featuring today, our client inherited a vintage Hermes scarf from their grandparents, which inspired our classic blue and green color scheme. We designed this nursery for a little boy, but as you can see, we photographed my design parter’s daughter in the space. This is a perfect example of a gender neutral nursery that is anything but boring! It’s soft and sweet, but doesn’t lack character or personality.


Baby Bliss

Something is in the water, and I'm loving it! Nurseries are my absolute favorite. I have yet to have a baby myself, but I feel like I will be extremely prepared when the time comes thanks to my clients. I have found that this space is equally as important for the parents because you will be spending quite a bit of time in here too! Here are a couple of things to consider when planning:

L I G H T I N G 

Since your little one will be taking quite a few naps at different times of the day, it's important that you can adjust how much light is filtering through. I have to say...I prefer a big beautiful window without any plantation shutters blocking your view, but let's face it, not all of us have those big beautiful windows to show off. This was the case in the latest nursery I designed. We opted to keep the plantation shutters and add drapes to create some height and finish off the windows. I was recently informed by my client that she loves the set up! With the shutter/drape combo, my client has complete control over how much light filters through. She loves that she can let a little bit of light in during the day so that her baby can tell the difference between day and night. And being able to block all light out with the shutters and drapes closed is nice at times as well. 

F U N C T I O N   &   C O M F O R T 

What I have found is that most everyone requires a glider, crib, changing table and some sort of storage for books and toys. It's really important that the glider is extra comfy since you will be spending a lot of time in it. Most of my clients prefer a gliding ottoman as well. As far as layout goes it really just depends on the room, but I try to leave as much floor space as possible for room to roll around and play with toys as they grow. 

I was finally able to have my latest nursery photographed from Project Del Norte. I love how fresh and airy this nursery feels. The soft colors make it so calming and peaceful, it's a perfect space for a perfect little girl.