Coastal Living 2015 Showhouse

One of my design idols, Bailey McCarthy who owns Biscuit Home, has done it again y'all. She never ceases to impress me. She was asked to design this year's Coastal Living Showhouse located in Cinnamon Shore, Texas. I got to work for Bailey in Houston for a couple of years, and one of my favorite things about her is how much thought she puts into everything she does. I love her concept behind the color palette she chose for the house...

"The next thing to decide on was the color palette. I am always very inspired by the sense of place in my design work. Especially in naturally beautiful places like coastal towns, it’s always nice when the palette of the natural environment carries through to the interiors. For instance the ocean in Nantucket and in the north east is a much deeper blue, and reminds me of the navy, red Americana color palettes favored in the region. The Florida coast is much brighter, and makes me think of preppy pinks, greens, and turquoise ala Lily Pulitzer.
The Texas coast, which I have grown up visiting and love, is a much more muted. The sand here is almost the color of cinnamon- thus the name of the community Cinnamon Shores. There is beautiful wildlife, and it is a very casual, natural vibe. I wanted the color palette of the cinnamon sand, muted green dunes, hazy blue skies, to carry through the interior of the showhouse punctuated with pops of red and pink to keep it interesting."

Bailey is known for her use of vibrant colors, so when I read that she was planning on incorporating a muted color palette into the design my attention spiked. As a designer, it's very easy to get in a routine of using the same colors, fabric, furniture, etc. because you know it works. I applaud anyone willing to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. In my opinion, she did an amazing job executing her concept of a muted color palette. I love that this house is completely different than anything I have seen from Bailey, but at the same time it still her. It's whimsical, not too fussy and filled with fun surprises throughout.

L I V I N G :

K I T C H E N :


D E N :

M A S T E R   B E D R O O M S / B A T H R O O M :

P O W D E R   B A T H S :

G U E S T   R O O M S / B A T H R O O M :

If you would like to read more about the project in detail, check out Bailey's blog Peppermint Bliss or Coastal Living. Also, how amazing are all these photos by Molly Miller from A Piece of Toast?!