New Beginnings

I'm super excited to announce that I have decided to give this whole blog thing a shot. I have found myself feeling limited in the things I can share with y'all through Instagram, which is currently my main source of social media. Truthfully, I have always been a little hesitant in starting a blog. The thought of putting myself out there, coming up with enough content to keep readers interested and adding more to my plate scares me a little. The other day I spent nearly half an hour trying to crop before and after photos to make a collage so that I could upload it to Instagram. In the end, you couldn't really see the pictures very well because they were so tiny so I just gave up.  That night it was really heavy on my heart that maybe I did need to start blogging. All of those feelings of insecurity started to fade and were replaced with excitement of all the opportunities this could bring. I'm still unsure of how often I will post, but I do want some form of structure with this whole thing. The majority of posts will be design related. I would love to share inspiration, my favorite DIYs, current projects I'm working on, trends, etc. What would y'all like to read? Please share!