Last weekend my mom and I went on a little road trip as I traveled to visit a new site for a project I'm working on. We had so much fun talking for hours in the car. Moms are honestly the best!

Ever since Biscuit Home came out with their newest season of bedding, my mom and I have slowly been planning my parents bedroom around the Bloomsbury print. One of the toughest decisions for my mom has been what type of rug to go with. My suggestion was to go with a seagrass rug... 

The problem is that my mom isn't crazy about a seagrass rug because it's not the softest, which I completely understand. She started asking me what other types of rugs are out there and what are their price points. Her question caught me off guard at first because sometimes I forget that not everyone spends hours at a computer every day searching through furniture, pillows, rugs, etc. I got to thinking and decided I want to start sharing some of my favorite products with y'all. So here we go; starting with rugs... 

Of course, there are so many more rugs out there than what I have listed, but these are some of my favs. They are listed in order from least expensive to most expensive. 


Depending on budget, this is my quick list I go through before I begin selecting a rug. Just because someone has a large budget doesn't mean that any of these rugs are ruled out though. I truly love the look of some of the less expensive options. And just because a rug is pretty and expensive, doesn't mean it's the best fit for the room. So there's a little peek of how the inside of my brain works when I'm designing a room. I hope you all find this helpful. Have a great week!