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If you are not familiar with Rue, you need to be. It's an awesome decor blog and online magazine. A couple of years ago, my townhouse in Houston was published in Rue (click here to view the issue) to feature my old boss, Bailey McCarthy, as an upcoming designer. We redid my entire house in a week! It was cray cray, but I was really lucky because l was able to reuse most everything when I moved to Dallas.

Today, Project Sophisticated Baby is being featured on Rue's blog. This makes me want to jump up and click my heels together! I am so honored to be featured on their website.I had so much fun working on this project, and I was actually a little bummed to wrap things up. Just to reminisce, I'm going to go over the project from beginning to end. 

Before we transformed this space into a nursery, it was being used as a guest bedroom. It's a small space, but so cozy and perfect for a crib, changing table and glider. Here are some before photos.... 

Taking out the bed made such a difference and really opened up the space. 

The name "Project Sophisticated Baby" came to me immediately after meeting with my client. She didn't want typical colors like pink or blue, but instead she wanted the nursery to be somewhat gender neutral and also wanted to make sure that whatever we did could eventually transition into a bedroom for someone of any age. 

My client's husband only had one request and that was that we use Scalamandre zebra wallpaper (obviously he's a keeper). I had no problem making sure that happened. 

Here is the design board and floor plan we agreed on before executing anything...

I had originally suggested placing open shelves on either side of the crib, but for safety reasons we decided to leave those out. 

So here was our to do list:

  • wallpaper the wall that the crib was going on
  • paint the rest of the walls white
  • replace current shades with bamboo shades 
  • replace the fan with new light fixture 
  • purchase the rest of the nursery furniture 

As a designer, I tend to make up rules in my head to abide by when designing a space. One of my rules was to never wallpaper one wall. I was just always afraid the room would end up feeling incomplete, but I was wrong. And the more I delve into this career, I begin to find out that most of my rules can be bent. Without the wallpaper the room would feel so empty and sad, and I think if we had wallpapered the entire room it would have been extremely overwhelming in this small space. A nursery is an environment that you want to be soothing. 

One thing to consider when designing a nursery is how the space will transition with age. I think this room has the ability to grow and become a more mature space as my client's baby gets older. I would gladly take some of that zebra wallpaper for my bedroom! 

I feel like I always say this, but I really am SO pleased with the way the room turned out...

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