Project Sophisticated Baby Inpiration

Sometimes I get so caught up in the execution and final result of a project that I lose track of where it all started, and I wanted to take some time to give credit where it is due. A major part of my design process is finding inspiration. I ask all of my clients to give me some sort of inspiration before we begin. Sometimes my client's show me a piece of art, sometimes they send me a Pinterest board and sometimes it's just one room.  I try not to limit them on what their inspiration can be. Everyone's mind works differently, and part of my job is figuring out what they are envisioning for their space. Like I always say, my number one priority is to make sure my client is happy. 

When we began discussing different ideas for Project Sophisticated Baby, my client brought me a picture of this nursery by Summer Thornton, whom I owe a great deal of credit to for providing the major inspiration for this room...

Isn't this nursery amazing?!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my client's husbands only firm request was using the same wallpaper. It's a great classic wallpaper and I am in the business of giving my clients what they want. From there, I tried to adapt the design inspiration from Summer Thornton's original design to work for my client's specific needs. 

I am still very proud of how the room came out, and the different elements we brought to the space, but in having it published I should have been clear that we were interpreting Thornton's original space.

I apologize for not being more clear and up front, and I will make sure to share more about the process and the inspiration behind my work going forward.