Project Home on the Range

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine went by way too fast, but I am super anxious to get back to work. I spent most of my weekend day-dreaming of ideas for some new projects I'm working on. I'm especially excited about "Project Home on the Range," which is a ranch house in Hockley, TX. Something about a home out in the country takes me back to my childhood and all the happy memories I have at our ranch in the hill country. I love that places like this can bring families and friends together and make you completely forget about the rest of world, and this is definitely the feeling I got on site at "Project Home on the Range." I'm so thrilled to be able to help make this a special place for my clients. 

We began with the living room a couple of weeks ago. Here is the plan we have agreed on... 

They already had the leather sectional, chair and duck pillows. I was introduced to the duck fabric on the pillows a couple of years ago while working at Biscuit and it's been a favorite ever since. My clients also mentioned that they liked antelope rugs, so I had a pretty good idea of what direction we were going in with this space.

We have already started placing orders, and I cannot wait to see everything together! We still have a ways to go with the rest of the house, but I'm loving how this room turned out. Next is the dining room and I already have so many ideas for this space. I can't wait to show y'all what we come up with.