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As most of you know, my husband and I lived in Houston before moving to Dallas. Since we are both from a small town and went to college in Lubbock, Houston was the first big city we ever lived in, and we absolutely fell in love. I was super lucky to be able to land a job working under Bailey McCarthy at Biscuit. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time, but after meeting Bailey, I had this gut feeling that I was where I was suppose to be. I don't think many people can truly say they love waking up and going to work every day, but I definitely did. A couple of years passed and life took an unexpected turn. We moved to Dallas so that my husband could pursue his dream of becoming a dentist. Dallas was a hard transition at first, but it is most definitely home now. Although, I would be lying if I said I never think of Houston anymore. I miss my job, the food and especially our townhouse, which leads me to my post today. While I was working at Biscuit, Bailey was approached by Rue to be featured as a designer in their magazine. The problem was that we needed a project that had not been published before and was pretty much done. Everything we were working on at the time had either been published or was still in the works, so Bailey asked if I would be up for redoing my townhouse in a week. And I mean...who in their right mind would turn that down? Somehow we pulled it off and I was one happy lady. Here are some pictures from the feature:

Photos via  Peppermint Bliss

We were not in the townhouse that long after we redid everything, so I was super sad to leave. One of the reasons I liked the house we bought in Dallas was because of the layout. The dining and living areas were open to each other, so I knew all our new furniture would transition nicely. Here is our current living/dining room in Dallas...

I wasn't able to keep the original brown velvet chairs and acrylic table that we used for the Rue shoot, so I recovered our chairs and replaced the coffee table with an ottoman. I miss our bookshelves most of all. Our house now doesn't have a fireplace, so there was no focal point in the room. We bought an old media console, painted it and added some ikea shelves on either side. It's not near as cool as those glossy bookshelves, but it's definitely more of a feature wall now. 

Since I was working from home, I really wanted to focus on making the office special.  I was able to reuse the sofa, chair, art & coffee table. Here is my office now:

The house had sage green carpet in the office when we moved in, which was really throwing off the vibe. We replaced the carpet with antelope carpet, and that really brought the room together. I also added a gallery wall, which makes me quite happy. 

Finally, the, my husband did not let me paint the walls pink again. So rude, but I forgive him and kind of understand. However, he did suggest painting our media chest pink and even painted and picked the color out himself. I know, he's pretty great. Take a look..

Sorry for the super duper long post, but I wanted to show y'all how well everything transitioned. Same furniture and paint colors, but totally different vibe.