Project Del Norte

I have been dying to reveal Project Del Norte for a while now. My clients are a young married couple that just moved into their first house together. Most of their furniture was from college or passed down, so it was definitely time to update. There hasn't been a huge rush to complete the project. My client has a very good sense of design and understands that sometimes the prettiest of rooms do not always come together over night. She explained that she would rather take things slow and invest in timeless pieces that she can cherish forever. We are working on several rooms, but the the formal living room finally came together, and I can't wait to share!! It's also being featured on Stark Carpet's semi-annual sale postcard...

Don't miss the sale! It's open to the public October 5th-14th in the Design District off of Slocum Street. 

We started completely from scratch in the formal living room. My clients didn't have any furniture that they wanted to reuse, but they loved the color the previous owners had painted the walls. I belive it's Benjamin Moore "linen white," which happens to be one my favorite whites. It's a really creamy, warm white. I usually don't use it as a trim color because it has too much yellow, but it's really pretty on the walls. Since we were starting with a blank slate, we had a lot of room to play around with the furniture plan. We went back and forth on these two plans quite a bit...

Lutz - Formal FP 1.jpg

We found an awesome coffee table, and started taping out the furniture after it arrived to see which layout would flow the best. 

After taping it out, we decided we liked the sofa perpendicular rather than parallel to the fireplace. The space felt very closed off with the sofa facing the fireplace. I also didn't like that the first thing you would see walking through the door would be the back of a sofa. I always recommend taping out your furniture before placing any orders. This will give you a really good idea if the furniture will fit, function well and provide enough room for traffic. 

Next, we started selecting the "fun stuff." My client came across a couple of pillows that she loved at Blue Print, so we used those as a guide for the other selections. 

The sofa and chairs are custom pieces that we had made, and the rug is by Stark. It's their Takori carpet that we had bound. I couldn't be happier with how the space turned out...


I also want to point out the amazing piece of art above the fireplace that Lindsey Meyer commissioned for us. It's such a fun pop that the room needed! I'll let you in on a little's mounted upside down in these photos! I nearly died when my client pointed out that the framer nailed the brackets in on the wrong end, but all is good now and properly mounted right side up. Phew!! I would also like to credit The CEH for sourcing and refinishing the sideboard in time for the photoshoot! It couldn't be more perfect. 


Camera Ready Interiors

Not only is it Friday, but I also have a great post for you today! I am participating in Jana Bek's blogging event, #camerareadyinteriors. This series consists of 24 designers highlighting our favorite photographers and giving them some well deserved credit. 

Even the prettiest of spaces do not fully come to life until they are professionally photographed. One of my favorite moments throughout the design process is getting the final images back from the photographer. It allows me to see the space in an entirely new perspective. 

I have only been in business a couple of years, but I have had the opportunity to work with a couple of really talented photographers. I want to share some of my favorite shots they have captured. 

M A T T   &   J U L I E   N O R I N E

Matt & Julie are a married couple that have their own photography business. They specialize in weddings, but love photographing interiors as well. I have worked with them quite a bit and always love their detail shots. Below are highlights from multiple projects over the past couple of years. 

C H R I S   P L A V I D A L

My younger sister introduced me to Chris and raved about his work. They work for the same agency, SisterBrother. Chris photographed Project Wardlaw, featured on Rue Daily. He did an amazing job!